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A rolling stone gathers no moss but here at Saffron Wildlife Studio we love nothing more than to carefully turn over some stones and old logs to inspect and marvel at the beautiful mosses to be found.

Moss has been around for about 450 million years! That might sound a long time for such a sweet and delicate looking little plant - but it is surprisingly resilient, capable of withstanding extreme temperatures of hot or cold!

It has numerous beneficial uses, edible too, but is perhaps most well known and loved as a cosy lining for a bird's nest!

A snug bird's nest made warm and comfortable from soft moss found in the local area.

Some nests may be reused, adopted by another bird for shelter or even claimed by a new bird family taking over the nest as their own, so it's usually worth leaving a nest in place, just like this one.

As spring approaches and the weather warms up, we will be looking out for some of the delights that come with the nesting season! Keep up to date with our progress by joining us on Instagram or Facebook - and lookout for more posts about trees, birds, nests and, of course, moss!

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