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Izzie Lizzie Busy Bee

Adventures of a Honey Bee

28 page paperback book beautifully illustrated in full colour available now

A book dedicated to all the honey bees, the miles travelled and plants pollinated in bringing you the teaspoonful of honey for your breakfast toast.

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Izzie Lizzie - A Honey Bee Story for Children and Adults

Every honey bee has a story, and we'd love to share the story of our busy little honey bee, Izzie Lizzie!

A perfect book to introduce young people to the enjoyment of watching the honey bees go about their busy lives. Suitable for independent primary school readers and with classic watercolour illustrations for younger readers to also enjoy looking at while listing to the rhythms and rhymes on every page. An inviting story for adults wanting to enjoy wandering along the bee journey with their youngsters and sharing the surprises in store throughout the busy bee's season.

Our unique educational book for children presents this hard-working honey bee in her natural environment. We get to know her as she forages for pollen around the South East English countryside and garden spaces: the flowers she finds through the season and the challenges she encounters along the way, some gently humorous, that give insight into the wonderful world of the honey bee.


We're adding more information about honey bees and other pollinators, the flowers they're attracted to, the environment they live in and the lives they lead on a regular basis.


If you would like to purchase a single book or multiple copies of the Izzie Lizzie Busy Bee book, or perhaps have an enquiry relating to editing, printing or publishing, Val will be able to assist via her website at CMI Publishing, where a number of other nature and bee books are also available.

Alternatively you can order your copy of the book via Claire Murthy Studio, where you will also find free downloadable colouring pages along with a small number of prints and seasonal cards relating to Izzie Lizzie Busy Bee.


We're pleased to present this unique book for your enjoyment - it's the real life story of a honey bee set out in playful verse and beautifully hand-illustrated in the traditional medium of watercolour and ink.


All the details have been researched and checked for accuracy so that your young beekeepers and nature lovers will be off to a good start in getting to know the facts about honey bees through this imaginative representation of the real world and experiences of the honey bee.


Follow Izzie's Adventures through the Season

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