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Brainstorming 1: Time to really focus

Our big investment - TIME!

Time to focus
Time to focus

Busy busy busy (just like Izzie Lizzie) ....... but time was running away with us and all we had was a title, a draft cover, a whole load of sketches to plough through and a zillion ideas.

No time now for any more distractions.

Time to focus!

Deadlines were approaching which meant it was time to focus all efforts and energy on precisely what needed to be finalised - so we booked a series of daily, intensive, virtual meetings to distil our ideas, the outline and Claire's sketches to a firm layout.

We also needed to clarify the focus of the story line; get important facts right; decide where and how best to get messages across; where we could afford artistic licence, ....... and add in some fun!

So we put together some notes from our agenda and meetings to show how we approached the next stages of delivery - we hope you'll will enjoy reading the book when it's published as well as knowing how it was created from start to finish!

We have a lot of work ahead so thanks for bearing with us while we grapple with the story layout and illustrations! And grapple with posting regular blog updates and social media posts!

Instagram @saffronwildlifestudio - for more from behind the scenes.


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