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Honey Bee Countdown

Since first arranging to work on our book together, we've posted blog posts relating to the bee's natural environment including bee-friendly flowers and other wildlife that might be found in the local countryside, woods and garden landscapes.

Writing a children's nature book

We've shared a few of our thoughts from the very beginning including our initial reactions and hopes along with where ideas from a book project come from.

It's a long way ahead so, despite the time already spent on the project, it feels like we're only just starting!

Now things are getting serious!

Deadlines are looming...

We submitted our title to The Bookseller Magazine a few weeks ago and wanted to advertise our book further by also sharing the book cover...but which book cover and in what style!?

Honey Bee Countdown
Honey Bee Countdown

Honey Bee Countdown

With only a few days left to pull things together and a host of commitments outside our project, something had to happen - and fast!

Follow our journey writing and illustrating a children's book about a honey bee - things are are about to get buzzy and it's honey bee countdown to our first important deadline!

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