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Time for a story

We're getting there...Or maybe not!?

Several designs for the book cover have been sketched ...but something was missing, we weren't quite sure what so ploughed on with various iterations based on a general idea for the cover - most focus seemed to relate to the style in some way and how well suited it would be for our broad age group - that is, children and their parents! How big should Izzie Lizzie be, how cute and what flowers should go on the book cover - just a few of the questions.

We had also planned to add some fun things to find in our book - perhaps this would help bring it together...

Coinciding with holiday times for both Val and Claire, we were about the make a big investment....

Time for a story
Time for a story

Time for a story

Find out what happened next on our creative journey - and what do you think would be the big investment...? How would we make time for a story?

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