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Fun things to find in our book ......

Children love to spot the duck, or whoever is hiding within the illustrations. So we plan to develop this, and are deliberating on who to hide. Here are some of our thoughts and - well you'll have to wait and see what we decide.

Fun things to find in our book - nature spotting.

A caterpillar? - easy to hide but doesn't stay as a caterpillar all year.

A plant? - similarly flowers don't appear through the year. We don't have tumbleweed in the UK, our plants don't usually move around. Tricky hiding a tree.

A fungus? - the pretty and distinctive red spotted toadstool only appears in the autumn.

An owl? - maybe - a possibility.

A frog or toad? - would blend into the green and brown countryside background.

A robin or wren? - always like to be near the action.

A mouse? - watching from a distance, near the farmhouse or out in the fields.

Another animal? Hard to hide a horse. Maybe a cat or dog as a friendly companion for the beekeeper.

A bumblebee? Bigger and fluffier than a honey bee but small enough to go unnoticed.

What else? Who do you think could be hiding in our nature pages?

We would love you to join us as we create our children's book about a honey bee - we're on Instagram and other social media.


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