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March Flowers for the Hungry Bees

March Flowers for the Hungry Bees

After a torrential downpour this morning in the South of England, out came some fluffy white clouds over a blue sky that might cause anyone to be fooled into thinking the rain had finished and spring had begun!

In our children's nature book, heroine honeybee Izzie Lizzie and her sisters have been enjoying a similar moment of warm(ish) March weather, bright and sunny ...

They are hungry and need food to eat, on the lookout for nectar and pollen. If they're lucky they might find a few snowdrops left over from the end of February, or even the sweet nectar from the last of some winter-scented mahonia flowers.

March flowers for the hungry bees
March flowers for the hungry bees

Being March, they will be looking out for any remaining crocuses and certainly looking forward to hellebores and hazel catkins, amongst other early spring flowers on which they can feast!

March flowers for the hungry bees that can be relied up are the one flower that signifies spring - the daffodil! Not such a favourite with honeybees but they will visit them, nonetheless, if there's not much else to forage from.

But watch out Izzie! The weather is certainly deceptive this month - as you will find out on your travels!

Don't get distracted by those bright and cheerful daffodils as, oh dear, looking through the window as I type this, there's a storm on its way!

(Have you spotted any early spring bees, they seem to be out late this year in my garden? - Claire)


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