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Hens and Honey Bees

Can hens and honey bees coexist?

Have you ever wondered if you can keep both hens and honey bees? Will the hens eat the bees or at the very least aggravate them? What if the bees sting the hens..?

You may or may not be surprised to discover that it is not so unusual to see hens and chicks living alongside honey bees. In fact, they can co-exist quite happily and even share a symbiotic relationship in that the hens can keep the local area clear of beetles and discarded bee bodies which might cause deterioration to the bees' environment if allowed to build up. Hens are used in other countries to keep check on invasive beetles such as the small hive beetle Aethina tumida, although not currently in the UK but a considerable threat should it ever find its way into the country.

Any Risks in Keeping Hens and Honey Bees?

As for the risk of bees stinging the hens, most hens don't seem to be affected by honey bee stings, which only happen if the hens show aggression towards the bees or frighten them in some way. That way, because of the risk of getting stung, the bees keep check on the hens too.

Val's Easter Eggs and Chicks

Who is this fine pair with a gorgeous family?

Easter Eggs and Chicks
Easter Eggs and Chicks

Colourful Easter Eggs

Who laid these eggs...? Why the different colours? (Answers below)

Pretty Easter Eggs
Pretty Easter Eggs

Happy Easter!

Well, we can't give you a real egg for reading this blog post but we can do the next best thing...Happy Easter from Saffron Wildlife Studio, Izzie Lizzie and the Honey Bees!

Izzie Lizzie and the Easter Egg Surprise
Izzie Lizzie and the Easter Egg Surprise

Answer: Different egg colours are laid by different breeds of chickens. Marans and Barnavelders are known for the dark brown eggs, and Araucanas and Cream Legbars for the blue eggs.


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