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Honey Bees in March

March winds for Izzie Lizzie's Beehive

Although March can have some quite sunny, almost summery days, it is most well-known for its March winds. These bricks look out of place on these bee hives but there's a very good reason...

Honey Bees in March protected from the wind by bricks
Honey Bees in March protected from the wind by bricks

Why the bricks? Unless the beehive is in a very sheltered place, storms can tear through the apiary, scattering brood boxes, supers and roofs everywhere.

This leaves the bees not only without their shelter from the elements, but vulnerable to predators.

Watch out for Honey Bees in March

You might notice fewer honey bees in March on a windy day as wind can have an impact on foraging bees who seem to be more hesitant to take off in such weather! Who can blame them!

But if you do notice bees flying about in the wind, they will probably be flying in a zig-zag motion and, although honey bees are usually good-natured, on such days they might just be feeling a little fed up with the extra efforts needed to fly against the wind!

Children's Book about Honey Bees

In our children's book about honeybees, Izzie Lizzie and her sisters have been foraging on a sunny day amongst the spring daffodils and primroses in March but the weather has turned and March winds have sent them somersaulting into the air, they don't know which way round they are!

Will they get back to the hive safely? You'll have to find Izzie's story in the book!


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