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Owl Watch

We're all going on an...owl watch...

Owl Watch
Owl Watch

It will be quite interesting to do a little research later in the year on how owls are a much loved part of our English countryside, often featured in literature, art, myths and tales...

But for now, things are just getting started, including a potentially budding owl nest box!

A pair of white barn owls came along...

Waiting for some owls
Waiting for some owls...

Some keen bird watching friends of Val's put up an owl nest box last year (2022) in a one of Val's hidden corners. A fortnight later, to everyone's delight, a pair of white barn owls came along, inspected it and moved in. Of their five eggs, two hatched, one male and one female.

They were successfully raised to adulthood, and then moved away. The average distance for youngsters taking up a new residence is 12 km.

The two original adults are still in residence and we are excited to see what will happen this year. Follow our journey watching the owls and other wildlife in and around countryside and local gardens - here and on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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