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Brainstorming 2: Map importance and development

We discussed the map layout and how this was represented in the illustrations.

The scenery, farm, apiary and surroundings were key. The map importance and development were under the spotlight as Val tied together the landscape with Claire's sketches - asking questions on which fields and views were visible in the background of the illustrations and where were they/how did they relate on the map.

We already had a page layout with a story outlined with a description of what should go on each page, following our honey bee, Izzie Lizzie's foraging patterns across the seasons.

Map importance and development

Getting down to detail involved consulting, and often tweaking the map as we discussed angles of view, what we wanted to include and convey in detail, and what we could see from that perspective.

We will be sharing more details so follow us here or on Instagram @saffronwildlifestudio.


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